Easy Keto Ravioli100% Easy & Healthy Homemade Snack

Easy Keto Ravioli made from simple ingredients are filled with cheese and spinach and has just 1.3 net carbs per serving. I do have a bit more Keto Chicken PattiesThis homemade recipe for Keto Ravioli Dough Recipe is very simple to make and has a delicious filling that will satisfy your cravings for pasta.

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Prep Time- 30 minutes
Cooking Time- 15 minutes

Total Servings- 15 small kinds of ravioli/30 small kinds of ravioli



1. Almond flour- 3/4 cup (75g)

2. 1 scoop (30g) of isolated whey

3. 2 tbsp (10g) husk psyllium

4. 1 tsp gum xanthan

5. Olive oil- 1 tbsp

6. 1 egg of medium size

7. 1 tsp of water

FILLING: Easy Keto Ravioli 

1. Olive oil- 2 tbsp

2. Raw spinach, 1/2 cup (100g)

3. 1 green onion – chopped

4. 1 tsp of powdered garlic

5. Pepper and salt

6. 1.5 cups (150g) of your chosen cheese


Note: If you want to substitute whey isolate for something add 2-3 tbsp of psyllium husk.

How to prepare Easy Keto Ravioli

1. Sauté the spinach over medium-high heat on a burner until it wilts and decreases in size by half. Cut the spinach into smaller pieces using scissors or a knife.

2. Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cheese to the green onion. Lower the heat to medium-low and cook until the cheese has melted. Stir all together.

3. Put the heat off and let it cool down.

4. The almond flour, whey isolate, psyllium husk, and xanthan gum are whisked together in a mixing bowl as the filling cools down.

5. Pour in the egg and olive oil in a bowl.

6. Stir until a crumbly dough is formed, then begin kneading with your hands until all of the dough is incorporated.

7. It going to get sticky, so let the dough sit for around 1-2 minutes.

8. Divide the dough into two halves.

9. Place one portion in between two parchment paper pieces. Roll it out to a 1/8 inch thin sheet using a rolling pin.

It will be harder to deal with if it becomes semi-translucent, so make sure it is thick enough to pick up without breaking.

10. Cut the dough into two even pieces.

11. On one of the strips, put a small spoonful of the filling at several places.

12. Lift the other strip gently and put it on top of the other (one with the filling) and press it down around the filling to create a filling bubble.

13. Make sure that both dough strips are squeezed together enough so that when put in the water they won't break apart.

14. To make a square, cut around each filling bubble.

15. Continue with the rest of the dough to make more ravioli.

16. Put a pot of water to boil on high heat.

17. Drop the ravioli in boiling water, cover, and cook for five minutes.

18. Drain, top up with your favourite sauce and enjoy.

Nutritional Information for Easy Keto Ravioli

CALS: 87
FAT: 6.4
CARBS: 2.3
FIBRE: 1.6

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