How to make Keto Low Carb Chocolate Pizza?

Keto Low Carb Chocolate Pizza?

Are you looking for Pizza, mainly for Dessert? The yummy, Chocolate Pizza featured with a double chocolate chip cookie crust which is coated in the chocolate sauce with super layered creams and berries.

Ingredients Required for Keto Low Carb Chocolate Pizza

  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate pizza sauce
  • Almond flour
  • Coconut oil

We are going to make a totally vegan item which is fully Paleo and Keto approved. It is a crisp chocolate crust with the chocolaty pizza sauce and, also whipped with cream as “Mozzarella” along with the strawberry “pepperoni”.

It’s time to move over from tangy pizza as it is the time for DESSERT pizza now. Most of all, it is overflown with chocolate.

Let us jump on to the double chocolate cookie crust. Have you ever wondered whats super than a gigantic cookie crust? As it is made using healthy ingredients.

What makes the crust crispy is almond flour as well as coconut oil. Moreover, we keep it dairy as well as gluten free.
If you are seriously the chocolate lover, then yes, this recipe is for you.

Chocolate Pizza

It is not only filled with the amazing chocolate flavor from the cocoa powder but, in fact, loaded with the chunks of chocolate. You can use your choice of rich chocolaty flavor.

Parallely, you can add it to the smoothies, pancakes, fudge, bar, cheesecakes and especially, the pie crust.
It is not only delicious but is also rich in consuming magnesium, antioxidants as well as vitamins.

So, there is a boost of health benefits with the desserts.

How to Prepare it?

Let us make your pizza sauce with some more chocolate:

Adding on the one more layer of chocolate so that it would spread it all over the yummy chocolate cookie crust. The chocolate sauce which we are going to make it so simple and easy. Here is what can be done.

⦁ You need to grab your choice of chocolate. It would be better if you choose for sugar-free.

⦁ Melt it widely.

⦁ In order to make it saucy, here, you need to add a little oil.

⦁ Spread it on its whole surface.

It will give a look of super glossy and pretty. Moreover, you can add a small amount of oil to make it look more gooey or saturated. But it will get solidified when put in a refrigerator.

Let us jump on to the pizza toppings:

This chocolate pizza is made without gluten, grains, dairy or sugar. This pizza is topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream (mozzarella cheese slices) and dappled with the strawberry halves (as pepperoni). You can also customize your toppings.

So, here you are ready with deserted Keto low carb chocolate pizza.

Nutritional Information

The nutrition counts for chocolate cookie pizza is 186 calories following 17 g fat, 5 g protein, 7 g carbohydrates, 3 g dietary fiber, 38 mg cholesterol as well as 145 mg sodium.

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