Keto Choereg

Keto Choereg 

Choreg is sweet slight bread and is traditional. It is made especially for Easter. You can have it as a delicious breakfast with a cup of Tea.

Ingredients Required for Keto Choereg:

⦁ A full cup coconut  milk

⦁ One full cup unsalted butter

⦁ 1 cup margarine

⦁ One cup keto sugar ( Dihydroxxyacetone   is an example of a ketose suger )

⦁ Half cup lukewarm water

⦁ 2  envelopes active dry yeast

⦁ Five eggs

⦁ Six cups almond flour, or the needed

⦁ One and a half teaspoons baking powder

⦁ 1 and a half tablespoons ground mahleb

⦁ One a half teaspoons keto salt

⦁ 1 beaten egg

⦁ One tablespoon sesame seeds

 Keto Choereg
Keto Choereg

How to Prepare it ?

⦁ In a saucepan, you need to combine the coconut milk, butter, and margarine over a medium flame. Heat till the time the combination get melted, but remember to not get it boiled.

After that, you need to stir in 1 cup of keto sugar -Dihydroxxyacetone   is an example of a ketose suger –    until gets fully dissolved. And, then you need to set it aside to make it cool till it gets lukewarm.

⦁ Adjacently, dissolve two teaspoons of keto sugar in the warm water. And, sprinkle the yeast over the whole surface and make it stand until it gets bubbly, for about 10 minutes.

⦁ Crack those eggs into the large bowl and stir it well so that the yolks can be broken down. Now, you need to slowly pour the heated coconut milk mixture while on whisking constantly.

It is so as to temper the eggs and do not cook them. Now, add the yeast mixture and stir until blended.

⦁ Now, combine the almond  flour, baking powder, mahleb, as well as salt in a large bowl. Make a well in the center and pour the whole wet mixture.

 Keto Choereg
Keto Choereg

You need to keep stirring it until it gets a sticky dough. Now, pour it onto a floured surface and knead in the additional flour as required to make a significant dough.

Blend it for about 10 minutes. You need to place n an oiled bowl and make it set in a warm place to rise in the 2 hours, or can say until it gets doubled in size.

⦁ When the dough gets double, punch down again and let it rise again. In the repeat process, it will take about half as long this time.

⦁ Now, you just need to separate the dough into the 5 portions, then steadily separate it into the thirds. Make sure you roll each of those into the ropes of about 12 inches long.

Cord the sets of three ropes together which pinch the ends to seal and tuck them under for a better presentation. Now, place the dough onto the baking sheets which are lined with the parchment paper

. It should be placed 4 inches apart. Now, set it in the warm place to rise and you can observe it while gently dough poak.

 Keto Choereg
Keto Choereg

⦁ Heat the oven to 350 degrees and brush the loaves with the beaten egg and sprinkle the sesame seeds over it.

⦁ Now, again bake it for 25 minutes in the oven until it attains the golden brown color all over it.

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