How to make Keto Low Carb Keto Italian Hoagie Biscuits?

How to make Keto Low Carb Keto Italian Hoagie Biscuits?

I can bet that you definitely get perplexed recognizing the Italian Hoagies Biscuits as an actual biscuit or a sweet treat. This is a low carb dish so that you can go with the healthy way of eating.

The keto low carb Keto Italian Hoagie biscuits are basically made with the easy to find ingredients i.e. an almond flour base, loaded with Italian style deli meats namely, ham, pepperoni as well as salami.

This is easy to make with lots of provolone cheese. This is just an awesome way to get your bread/ biscuit fix while eating the low carb.

Ingredients Required for Keto Low Carb Keto Italian Hoagie Biscuits?

⦁ Four ounces of organic cultured cream cheese

⦁ One organic pasture raised egg

⦁ One-fourth cup organic grass-fed heavy cream, mainly in the raw form

⦁ One-fourth cup filtered water

⦁ One full packet Italian dressing mix

⦁ One whole and one-fourth cup blanched almond flour in the superfine form

⦁ One cup shredded provolone cheese

⦁ One cup chopped deli meats (You can choose pepperoni, ham, salami)

Biscuits How to Prepare it?

⦁ You start by preheating oven to 350 and give a light grease to your muffin pan.

⦁ You can combine cream cheese, egg, water, heavy cream as well as Italian dressing mix in the blender till the time it gets smooth.

⦁ You can combine almond flour as well as that wet mixture (made in the blender) in the medium bowl and mix it well.

⦁ You can fold in chopped deli meats as well as shredded cheese.

⦁ You can divide the batter among different muffin cups.

⦁ Now, bake it again at 350 for 20 minutes.

⦁ Make it cool in the pan for 5 minutes before transferring it to a cooling rack. You can enjoy being it’s warm or chilled.


Nutritional Information

It can provide you the nutrition with the 249kcal calories, 6g carbohydrates, 11g protein, 21g fat, 6g saturated fat, 0.4g polyunsaturated fat, 2g monosaturated fat, 47mg cholesterol, 292mg sodium, 57 mg potassium, 3g fiber, 1g sugar, 4% Vitamin A, 0.04% Vitamin C, 7% calcium as well as 7% iron.

Italian Hoagie Biscuits

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