Keto oatmeal recipe tasty best and yummy

Keto oatmeal recipe

This keto oatmeal recipe is the alternative to traditional oatmeal. It contains no oats. Instead, it is a porridge-like dish that resembles oats. Low carb oats is a thing and it is delicious. keto breakfast recipes. You also make this recipe in festivals like christmas breakfast ideas . 

This oatmeal keto-friendly can be made with a variety of nutrient-rich Keto-friendly ingredients and takes just a few minutes.

This oatmeal keto diet is fully grain-free and sugar-free. check out here another delicious recipe keto breakfast recipes easy . 

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Well, we obviously cannot have oats in a ketogenic lifestyle. But we sure can eat a simple dish that resembles the traditional keto oats in texture and to some extent flavor too.

Can you eat oats on a keto diet?

Meanwhile, porridge is usually made with grains; it does not typically fit into a low-carb, paleo, or keto diet. Yet, this low-carb porridge recipe is made without grains, so you can finally enjoy a warm and nutritious bowl of oats for breakfast when you’re craving it.

Total Servings – 1

Prep Time – 5minutes

Cooking Time – 10 minutes

Ingredients required for keto oat fiber recipes

1/4 cup Hemp Seeds (hulled hemp seeds)

1 tbsp. Golden flaxseed meal

1 tbsp. vital protein collagen peptides

1/2 tbsp. Chia seeds

1/2 cup coconut milk (from a can; 1/2 liquid and 1/2 thick cream; or just heavy cream if not dairy-free)

1 tbsp. Besti erythritol (to taste)

1 pinch Sea salt (to taste)

How to prepare oat milk carbs keto:  top keto breakfast recipes

  1. In a small pan with medium heat add hemp seeds, golden flaxseed meal, vital protein collagen peptides,chia seeds, and whisk together for one minute.
  2. Now add Besti erythritol (to taste) and a pinch of salt to taste.
  3. Now add coconut milk or cream and stir together till smooth.
  4. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Information for best low carb oatmeal:

Calories- 592

Fat -47g

Protein -31g

Total Carbs- 9g

Net Carbs- 4g

Fiber -5g

Sugar -1g





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