Tangy Keto Lime Bars

low carb bars      Tangy Keto Lime Bars
low carb bars Looking to satiate lime thirst with delicious lime bars, low on carbohydrates? Try the Tangy Keto Lime Bars recipe.
Keto foods assist in producing ketones in the liver and thus allows for an efficient weight loss.
It also offers several physical and mental advantages.
This easy to prepare keto recipe allows you to enjoy your favorite tangy lime bars while cutting down the carbohydrates to a great extent.

Ingredients Required for Tangy Keto Lime Bars

You will need two types of ingredients for preparing the yummy tangy keto lime bars.

Crust ingredients and topping ingredients.
Following table enlists the various crust ingredients required by the Tangy Keto Lime Bars recipe:
Crust Ingredient Checklist for Tangy Keto Lime Bars
S. No. Name of the Ingredient Amount
1. Almond Flour ¾ cup

2. Coconut Flour ¾ cup

3. Erythritol ½ cup

4. Unsalted Melted Butter ½ cup or 1 stick

All the topping ingredients required for preparing

Tangy Keto Lime Bars are enumerated in the following table:
Topping Ingredient Checklist for Tangy Keto Lime Bars
S. No. Name of the Ingredient Amount
1. Baking Powder ¾ tablespoon
2. Eggs (Large) 6
3. Erythritol (Powdered) ½ cup
4. Erythritol (Powdered) 2 tablespoon
5. Lime Juice ½ cup
6. Lime Zest 1½ tablespoon
7. Salt 1/8 tablespoon
8. Stevia 2 tablespoon
If you find erythritol (No. 3 ingredient on the topping ingredient checklist) to be granular, then you can grind it for about 5-10 seconds. It will assist in improving the texture of the erythritol.

How to Prepare Tangy Keto Lime Bars

Here is the step by step instruction on preparing tasty tangy keto lime bars:
Step #01 – Preheat the oven to 3250F.
Step #02 – Take an 11x7x2 glass baking dish and spray it with a nonstick cooking spray.

Set is aside for the time being.
(Note: – Use a smaller pan if you’re aiming for a thicker crust. You need to adjust the baking time to do so.)
Step #03 – Take a medium sized bowl and mix all the dry crust ingredients in it.
Step #04 – Now, add the melted butter to the mix. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes uniform.
Step #05 – Press the crust into the greased baking dish by using a rubber spatula or scraper.
Step #06 – Wait till there is a ¼ inch layer.

Thereafter, use a fork to lightly jab the crust a few times to avoid it from bubbling up.

Step #07 – Bake it until it turns into a golden brown curst, it’ll take about 15-25 minutes.
Step #08 – Now, remove it from the oven and let it cool off.
(Note: – Don’t turn off the oven because you will need it afterwards.)
Step #09 – Rinse the bowl used earlier for preparing the crust. Now, add the 6 large eggs into it.
Step #10 – Keep whisking the eggs for a few minutes until they form a uniform greasy mix.
Step #11 – Add baking powder, sweeteners, and salt to the mix. Whisk again until it forms a uniform mix.
Note Step #12 – Add zest to 2 limes and then add the reaming zest to the egg and sweetener mixture.
Step #13 – Take all the lime juice in a measuring cup.
Now Step #14 – Add ½ cup (about 7 tablespoons) of bottled lime juice to the limes.
See Step #15 – Now, put the lime juice into the bowl containing the mix and

whisk it until the blend becomes uniform.
Now Step #16 – Pour the topping mix over the crust.
Read Step #17 – Bake the crust for about 15 to 20 minutes, or until the bake sets in the center.
Now Step #18 – Remove the crust from the oven and let it cool.
Now Step #19 – Transfer it to the fridge and let it there for about 2 hours.
Step #20 – Top the lime bars with powdered erythritol before serving.

Enjoy the yummy tangy keto lime bars with friends and family!

Nutritional Information

The recipe will yield about 14 lime bars, each weighing about 60 gms to 70 gms.

All the nutritional information regarding the Tangy Keto Lime Bars delicacy is summed up in the following table:
Nutritional Information (for each Tangy Keto Lime Bar)
Calories 151.8
Fats 13.9 gms
Fiber 1.5 gms
Net Carbohydrates 2.2 gms
Protein 5.1 gms
Sugar Alcohols 13.7 gms
Total Carbohydrates 17.4 gms
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