low carb egg muffins-Keto egg muffins best muffins recipe

low carb egg muffins

low carb egg muffins For breakfast at our place, eggs are a huge favorite. A tasty and simple keto breakfast choice, keto breakfast egg muffins  are great for prepping ahead.

And everyone who loves the satisfying combination of keto egg muffin cups cheesy eggs, sweet potatoes, and bacon, these loaded, protein-packed egg white muffins are for everyone. Consider it a bonus that they can be made ahead of time and fall out of the pan literally.

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The most effective method to MAKE low carb egg cups : You will begin by making the base formula. Eggs, salt, and dark pepper – excessively simple! Egg Muffin Cups are the ideal simple make-ahead breakfast for in a hurry. Most awesome. these breakfast egg muffin cups keto  healthy aspect all, they are stuffed with protein thus advantageous for occupied mornings, end of the week or occasion informal breakfast!

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Ingredients required for egg muffin cups:

1       15 eggs
2       1 tsp. (or more) Spike Seasoning
3       fresh-ground black pepper to taste
4       2 cups grated cheese of your choice
5       3 cups chopped veggies of your choice
6       2 cups diced breakfast meat of your choice
7       Optional, but highly recommended, 3 green onions diced small.

low carb egg muffins How to prepare egg muffin recipe:

1.    Pre-heat the oven to 200 °C (400 °F). With oil or non-stick cooking spray, grease a 6-count  muffin pan. Set                 aside. Crack the eggs in a large mixing bowl and whisk together the salt and black pepper.

2-   Stir in bell pepper, onion, ham, scallion, cheddar cheese, red chili pepper flakes, and Italian seasoning (if using).            Divide equally into muffin cups, each of which is around 2/3 full Full.

If you like, add more ham and cheese on top. Bake for 12-15 minutes in a preheated oven, or until set. Try                     another level recipe Keto Chicken Pie Enable a little to cool and instantly serve, or enjoy the cold

low carb egg muffins

Nutrition information for keto egg muffin recipe
Serving: 1 Muffin |Calories- 201.9|Total Fat- 14.5|Cholesterol- 437.0 mg|Sodium- 286.9 mg|Potassium- 19.0 mg|Total Carbohydrate- 1.1 g|Dietary Fiber- 0.1 g|Sugars- 0.4 g|Protein- 15.8 g

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