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What we do – To keep it simple!

The sole purpose of the website is to make readers acquainted with some homemade recipes plus other health tips that can help them to improve their health and fitness. Modern people are so caught up in their busy schedules that it becomes almost impossible to spare some time for the upkeep of their physical health. We strongly emphasize “Health is Wealth” With this website you can know how to make and keep your body strong and beautiful with a little time investment.
To motivate you for the cause, I want to share something from my personal experience. One of the primary reasons why I designed this website is to avoid others losing their self-confidence like I did some 2 years back. Undoubtedly, that was the hardest time of my life. At that time, there were several pimples and wrinkles on my face that blemished my appearance. To worsen the situation, I was overweight at that time. Because of these reasons, I didn’t look attractive and healthy. Wherever I went for the interview, I felt low in confidence because of my blemished face and chubbiness. I wasn’t able to clear a single interview and make any progress in my carrier as well as in my personal life. People also made fun of my fat physique.
After a brief period of time I invested in pulling myself together, I resolutely decided to lose my extra weight and bring back the attractiveness of my face. For this purpose, I went to several beauty salons and took several medical prescriptions all to no avail. For a short period of time, I felt that I will never be able to bring back the natural glow of my face and neither I’ll able to get rid of the extra weight…
But after some time, I started using homemade recipes and following other health tips. Guess what! It really worked! With regular use of the homemade recipes, I was able to regain my face glow and effectively reduce my weight 🙂
Today, I am absolutely fit and healthy. My face is now free of all the pimples and blemishes that I had earlier. I do enjoy a healthy weight now. For those of you that are going through the same phase as I was in some time ago, don’t lose hope. Like me, you can also regain your face glow and get rid of the extra weight by adopting the homemade recipes that I’ve added to the website. These homemade recipes are also a blessing for healthy people to take their health and fitness to the next level. So start today, and don’t forget to share your experience with us.
All the very best!

P.S. – For now, there are only a few articles on the website, catalogued under 2 categories BEAUTY and HEALTH. Over the course of time, we’ll add more useful articles under other categories. So make sure to check out the website regularly to stay updated with the latest health news, tips and recipes from TheOpenMagazine.

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