Keto Cucumber Smoothie

low carb smoothies cucumber smoothie, Being on a keto diet doesn’t means that you have to avoid having all those yummy juices and shakes. Other than the lime juice, you can enjoy having the refreshing and healthy keto cucumber smoothie to beat the heat. Keto cucumber smoothie is an excellent combo of spinach and cucumberRead More

Keto Coconut Muffins

low carb muffins Everybody knows that a muffin is a tasty piece of backed quick bread. They closely resemble cupcakes in their size. The distinction is drawn between the two delicacies in terms of the flavor. While cupcakes are mostly sweet desserts, muffins can be savory or sweet. Muffins are often preferred to be eatenRead More

Tangy Keto Lime Bars

low carb bars      Tangy Keto Lime Bars low carb bars Looking to satiate lime thirst with delicious lime bars, low on carbohydrates? Try the Tangy Keto Lime Bars recipe. Keto foods assist in producing ketones in the liver and thus allows for an efficient weight loss. It also offers several physical and mentalRead More

Vegetarian Red Coconut Curry

 thai green curry recipe Vegetable Red Coconut Curry  thai green curry recipe Red Coconut Curry Shrimp Soup  is a savoring and fulfilling meal that is completely vegan and gluten-free. The delicacy takes about half-an-hour to prepare. Typically, a vegetarian red coconut curry is creamy, a little sweet, slightly spicy, and somewhat sour in taste. ItRead More