homemade breadsticks . Keto Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks.

homemade breadsticks
homemade breadsticks

homemade breadsticks There is much more we can do with cauliflower cheese to make thesuper awesome crazy bread recipe dish. It can also be used as a potato substitute. This diet we are going to prepare today is low in carbs. here is good sabsititue of Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks recipe is garlic breadsticks recipe .

The ingredients used for this delicious garlic sticks dish:

· One a half cup cauliflower riced (take 3.75 ounces)
· One and a half cup freshly grated cheese (take 6 ounces)
· Two large beaten eggs
· Half teaspoon ground sage
· Half teaspoon ground oregano
· Half teaspoon dried thyme
· One-fourth teaspoon ground mustard
· Ground Black Pepper
· Fresh parsley (for garnishing)

How to make this magic happen quick breadsticks ?easy homemade bread

· Start by removing the base as well as leaves of the cauliflower and cut them into the florets. Make the proper mixture of the      cauliflower using a food processor. Cook in the microwave or oven for about 10 minutes. Make it cool.
· You must pre-heat the oven at 450 F.
· Once the mixture of this cauliflower gets cool down, strain all the liquid from it. Place it into a mixing bowl.
· Now, season the cauliflower with sage, thyme, oregano as well as mustard seeds. Mix well.
· Season the egg with ground black pepper. What you can pour into it is beaten egg, 3 tablespoon cheese and at last, combine it with   the seasoned cauliflower. Wait till the eggs set at the bottom of the bowl and make the excess eggs out.

· Find out the greased baking sheet, spread the quick bread cauliflowers onto in a one-fourth inch rectangular shape.
· Shape the cauliflower bread sticks with the cookie cutter. The half cup of cauliflower mixture can make 9 different shapes in various sizes. You can bake all these for 10 to 15 minutes.

Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks
homemade breadsticks

For the extra delicious taste, you can top up it with the remaining cheese and bake it extra for 5-10 minutes till it leaves the golden impression on it.
· Cool it down and cut it into slices with a pizza cutter.

· To make it more presentable, you can garnish it with freshly minced parsley. If you’d like to serve it to your dear ones, do it with marinara sauce as well as the creamy cheese sauce.

Enjoy this super delicious and tasty dish! easy bread

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