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Delicious Keto Recipes for a healthy lifestyle

Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes 100% Easy & Delicious Meals

Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes

Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes

Keto Dal Makhani

1  Keto Dal Makhani ( Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes )

Keto Dal Makhani. On keto or not, you have to try this Dal Makhani Recipe today! This recipe will leave you craving for more! This keto dal makhani is actually good for those people also who are not allowed to have dals or lentils.


Keto Gobi Paratha


Keto Gobi Paratha ( Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes )

Keto Gobi Paratha. One of the most celebrated vegetables in my home is cauliflower or gobi. Today we are going to show you a very delicious yet simple keto/low carb Stuffed Gobi Paratha dish my way.



Low Carb Chana Masala



Low Carb Chana Masala (Keto Chana Masala)

Low Carb Chana Masala (Keto Chana Masala).Chana dal is grown in India and is a more popular ingredient among various Indian dishes. Low carb, Meat-free and guilt-free; our Keto Chana Masala is completely yummy and delicious.



Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe


4    Keto Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe.

Keto Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe. Mushroom is so healthy for your health, try this recipe. You will love this recipe.

My husband made a Paneer Mushroom Tikka Masala Recipe for dinner tonight, which was very tasty. This Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe is a perfect keto side dish/ snack to enjoy.




Keto PANEER APPE ( Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes )


This Keto PANEER APPE recipe tastes amazing and it is such a great option as a keto snack or keto breakfast.

This PANEER APPE recipe is perfect for days when you want to spend the least amount of time in the kitchen, for newbies and for those who hate cooking.

Keto Gulab Jamun



6   Keto Gulab Jamun (Indian Keto Vegetarian Recipes )

There is No way to enjoy Keto Gulab Jamun when following a ketogenic diet. However, You can, Enjoy it. Keto Baked Low-Carb Sugar-Free Healthy Gulab Jamun. Even when cutting carbs. Here is how to prepare the Scrumptious sugar-free Keto Gulab Jamun Recipe



Cheese roti recipe



Cheese Roti Recipe

Cheese Roti Recipe. Panner parantha is one of the most delectable breakfast meals in Indian cuisine. It can be enjoyed with a variety of food items, including yoghurt, ghee, pickle, and tea.

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