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Keto Chicken Artichoke Casserole, Amazing Home Chicken

Keto Chicken Artichoke Casserole

Keto Chicken Artichoke Casserole is a very cheesy and nutritious keto Keto Spinach Artichoke Casserole recipe that has been very popular and you will be a winner at dinner. Keto Spinach Chicken Casserole is probably my very favourite casserole ever! This recipe is unbelievably good and easy to make!

Our family truly loves this Creamy Chicken Artichoke Casserole. It has so much taste and also freezes really well. If you have not made this one yet, add it to your next meal plan!

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Ingredients required for Keto Artichoke Chicken Casserole:

4 cups cooked chicken, shredded/chopped

9-ounce package of frozen spinach, thawed and well-drained


14 ounces artichoke plain, chopped

8 ounces of cream cheese, at room temperature

1 cup parmesan cheese, grated

1 ½ cups shredded mozzarella cheese

⅔ Cup sour cream

½ cup heavy cream

¼ cup mayonnaise

3 cloves garlic, minced

Salt and pepper to taste

How to prepare Keto Artichoke Casserole:

1   In the first step, we have to preheat our oven to 200C.

2  Take a large bowl and add the cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, mayonnaise, garlic, salt and pepper and mix well till well combined.

3  Then we have to add all the ingredients except mozzarella cheese.

4  Take the baking dish and grease it with melted butter and pour this into the baking dish.

5  On the top add mozzarella cheese and bake it for 15 to 20 minutes.

6  Increase the temperature to 220C and bake it for 4 to 5 minutes more or till the cheese is golden brown and bubbly.

7  Let it cool Keto Chicken Artichoke Casserole before serving.

8 We can store it in an airtight container for a few days.

Nutritional Information for Keto Chicken Artichoke Casserole

Calories 493 Calories from Fat 315   % Daily Value* Fat 35g 54% 

Saturated Fat 19g 119% Carbohydrates 7g 2%  Fibre 2g 8%

Sugar 2g 2%   Protein 37g7 4%