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Keto Mushroom Curry, 100% Easy & Quick Home Recipe

Keto Mushroom Curry

Keto Mushroom Curry Recipe. This is a tasty, Mushroom Bhaji Keto to prepare and low in carbs. It is packed with flavour and it is thick, rich and tasty. The Winter season is here and if you wish to make the most of it, there is nothing better than preparing Keto’s simple mushroom curry recipe at home.

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Ingredients required for Keto Mushroom Curry:

Cilantro or Coriander Leaves Fresh or Raw Herb

Red Onion


Tomato Paste

Curry Powder

Coconut Oil

Cauliflower Rice

Brown Mushrooms (Italian or Crimini Mushrooms), Raw

Coconut Cream, Canned

Turmeric, Ground

Vegetable Broth, Bouillon or Consommé

Salt, Sea Salt

In my recipe, I used this Black Pepper

How to prepare Keto Simple Mushroom Curry:

1    Take saucepan over medium-high heat and add one tablespoon of coconut oil to it.

2    When heated up the oil add chopped onion and chopped garlic and stir well for 2 to 3 minutes.

3    Slice the mushrooms and add to them.

4    Cook well till it turns brown.

5    Then add the curry powder, turmeric, salt, black pepper and tomato paste to it and stir well.

6    Then add the coconut cream and vegetables and stir well.

7   Take a small saucepan and add the cauliflower rice with one tablespoon of water and sprinkle salt and pepper.

8   Fry the rice for 2 to 3 minutes over medium-high heat.

9   Take a bowl and add cooked rice and then add mushroom curry over the rice.

10   Serve and enjoy!

Nutritional Information for Keto Mushroom Curry

Calories: 174kcal

Carbohydrates: 18g

Protein: 7g

Fat: 11g

Fibre: 5g

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