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Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe,1Of Best Keto Home Recipe

Vegan rice paper rolls

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe. This keto rice and pepper roll are easier than you would ever think. They look pretty good too, do not they?

Try me they are so good and I enjoyed eating these today.

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They are so fresh, crunchy and aromatic with all the herbs packed in. This keto rice and pepper roll are so flavourful and light. Perfect for a side or appetizer. It is healthy and easy to make with our step by step guide.

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Ingredients required for Keto rice paper rolls:

2 cup water

2tbsps beef Gelatin powder

1 tbsp. gum Arabic powder

One tbsp. egg withes powder

1/8 tsp. sea salt

How to prepare Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

1  Firstly take a saucepan over medium-high heat and add Gelatin powder, Arabic powder, and a pinch of sea salt and pour water slowly, carefully and stir well.

2  With the help of a blender blend the water and keep blending for 5 minutes or till the mixture is rolling boiled and then turn off the flame.

3  Now in a large bowl add the egg whites powder and slowly add the cooked mixture into the egg whites to change the colour of both liquids.

4  Now take a plastic plate and non-stick metal pan and add parchment paper to it.

5  Now with the help of a large scoop pour into the plate the ¼ of the cooked mixture and then ¼ of eggs white mixture into the plastic plates or non-stick metal pan as shown in the image.

6  Now keep this riceless paper for 24 -48 hours to air-dry.

Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe
Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

Note: To make the mixture set faster, chill the non-stick pan in the freezer for 10 minutes.

7  Now carefully remove the parchment paper from the rice less paper.

8  Now we have a few rolls to demonstrate this recipe.

9  Now Transfer one rice-less paper to the plate.

Note: use a brush to apply water to rehydrate the rice less paper. Do not soak in water.

10  Now add in this rice less paper shredded cheese, boiled and chopped mushrooms, sliced tomatoes and whatever keto veggies you like and roll the rice less paper.

Vegan rice paper rolls

11 Do the same with all the rice less paper and enjoy this delicious recipe.

12  You can enjoy this with low carbs soups also.

Nutritional Information for Vegan Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

Rice Paper (7 sheets) contains 59g total carbs, 58g net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein, and 238 calories.

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