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7 Effective Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss & Shed Pounds

Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss. Want to lose weight without hitting the gym? Try using Mudras to Lose Weight! These 7″ effective, ancient techniques can help you shed those extra pounds.

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Want to lose weight without going to the gym? Try mudras! Ancient techniques that invigorate your energy, focus your mind and melt away fat, mudras are an accessible way to help you reach your ideal weight. Here are 7″ mudras to get started on your journey towards better health and a slimmer body.

Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

Vayu Mudra:

Vayu mudra activates the digestive system, which is necessary to burn fat and lose weight. To practice this mudra, extend your index finger and press onto the root of your thumb. Keep your other fingers stretched out & used your thumb or palm to apply pressure on the index finger for at least three minutes “every day. 

Vayu mudra helps to move and activate Vata energy in the body, thereby improving digestion. It aids in burning fat and losing weight by increasing metabolism and burning calories. Additionally, this mudra helps to control stress levels, which can be a “key factor in overeating or emotional eating that often result in weight gain. Getting into the habit of practising Vayu Mudra every day can help you regulate your digestive system for weight loss.

Prithvi Mudra:

Prithvi mudra is a powerful mudra for weight loss and building strength. To practice this mudra, join the tips of your ring finger and thumb together with your other three fingers extended out. These Increase the Earth element in your body, which helps balance emotions, improves concentration and helps reduce unwanted cravings. It is beneficial” to practice this mudra for at least 10 minutes daily for maximum results. 

Prithvi mudra” is said to reduce cravings due to its ability to balance the Earth element in your body. This mudra helps reduce cravings for sweet and fatty foods, both of which are often associated with weight gain. It helps increase willpower and eliminates negative thoughts that can lessen the effectiveness of dieting. Additionally practising, Prithvi mudra can reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue, which can all encourage overeating. Along with reducing excessive food intake, this mudra encourages. Healthy eating habits and fosters self-care.

Apana Mudra:

Apana mudra is believed to be beneficial for metabolism. To practice the Apana mudra, join the tips of your ring finger and little finger together with the other three fingers outstretched. This increases the water element in your body, which helps flush out toxins and regulates the balance between bile and acid in your stomach. Practising this mudra can help reduce bloating and improve digestion. This Mudra should be practised for at least 10 minutes daily to lose weight successfully. 

In addition to this mudra, it is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular workouts and a balanced diet. Apana mudra can be especially helpful when combined with other forms of exercise such as yoga or walking. This Powerful yoga finger posture increases the internal energy in your body and helps you stay focused on your weight loss journey. When practising Apana mudra, it is important to pay attention to your breathing and concentrate on the sensation in each of your fingertips.

Lakshmi Mudra:

This Mudra is Usually” performed for reducing fat accumulated in the hips, thighs and abdomen. To practice Lakshmi” mudra, Press your forefingers against your thumbs & keep the other fingers slightly curled. Place your palms over your thighs & press the sides of your index fingers firmly towards the base of your thumbs while extending all four fingers straight outwards. Practice this Mudra 3 times a day, with each session lasting 10-15, minutes. 

As you perform the Mudra, Concentrate on your goal of losing weight and visualise the areas where you want to reduce fat. Repeating a positive mantra such as ‘I embrace healthy eating and exercise’ can enhance the effects of this mudra. Regular practice of Lakshmi Mudra combined with mindful eating habits, hydrating yourself well and exercising regularly, can help you transform into your preferred shape with surprising swiftness.

5 Surya Mudra: Yoga Mudras for Weight Loss

Surya Mudra is the best mudra for losing weight through increased metabolism. Regularly performing this gesture can help increase your digestive capacity and soothe indigestion and constipation. To practice Surya Mudra, join the tips of your ring finger and thumb fingers & keep the other three fingers, stretched. Hold your arm straight in front of you with your shoulder relaxed, & press the tip of your ring finger firmly with the thumb. Practice this mudra daily for at least ’10-15′ minutes. 

Apart from boosting metabolism, the Surya Mudra also has several other health benefits. It is known to reduce stress, ease anxieties and calm you down. It can regulate high blood pressure, stimulate energy and improve circulation. People who suffer from “Arthritis” have found it to be beneficial in providing relief from joint pain and improving their overall posture. Practising Surya Mudra regularly can also lead to improved concentration and mental clarity by strengthening your mind-body connection.