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Keto Kebab Recipe, Keto Beef Kebab Recipe

Keto Kebab Recipe

Keto Kebab Recipe are delicious low-carb meat skewers that are perfect for ketogenic diets. They’re also great for parties or picnics! Keto kebabs are a delicious low-carb option that is easy to prepare and tastes amazing. These kebabs are made from ground beef, which makes them high in fat and calories, but they are still very tasty.

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The secret ingredient is bacon grease, which gives the meat a smoky flavour. To make the kebabs, simply mix the ingredients together and form into patties. You can cook them on the grill or pan-fry them.

Keto kebabs are one of the easiest ways to enjoy a ketogenic diet without having to count carbs. If you love hamburgers, then you will definitely love keto kebabs. They are much easier to eat than regular hamburgers because there are no bread crumbs or buns involved. Plus, they are lower in carbohydrates and higher in fat.

If you want to try making keto kebabs at home, here are some cooking instructions. First, you need to get yourself some ground beef. Next, add salt and pepper to taste. Mix the ground beef with the other ingredients until everything is combined well. Form the mixture into four equal-sized patties. Cook the burgers on a hot grill or pan-fry them in a skillet. When done, top each burger with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Enjoy!

Ingredients required for Keto Kebab Recipe:

Ground Beef – 1 lb. Lean Ground Beef

Onions – 2 medium

Garlic Powder – 1 tsp.

Salt & Pepper – To taste

Cayenne – To taste

Egg – 1 Egg

How to prepare Keto Kebab Recipe:

1    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 C).

2   In a large bowl combine ground beef, onions, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cayenne, and egg.

3    Mix well with hands until combined.

4    Shape into 12 equal-sized balls.

5    Place each ball between two pieces of plastic wrap and gently press down to form a flat patty.

6    Remove the top piece of plastic wrap and place it on the baking sheet.

7    Repeat the process with the remaining patties.

8   Bake for 15 minutes.

9   Flip burgers and bake for an additional 5 minutes.

10  Serve hot.

Nutritional Information for Keto Kebab Recipe:

Net carbs7.4 grams



Calories404 kcal