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Low Carb Sausage Biscuits Recipe Easy Snack

Low Carb Sausage Biscuits

Low Carb Sausage Biscuits Recipe. You’ll love these keto sausage cheddar biscuit recipes because they’re easy to make and taste amazing! These keto sausage cheddar bacon biscuits are made with almond flour, coconut oil, and other delicious ingredients that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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These keto sausage cheddar biscuit bites are one of my go-to snacks when I want something savoury and sweet at the same time. The combination of salty, cheesy goodness makes them irresistible. Plus, they’re easy to whip up in less than 30 minutes.

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If you’ve never tried making keto treats before, then you’re missing out on some seriously delicious options. Keto sausage cheddar biscuits are one of my favourites because they taste like a cross between a biscuit and a snack cake.

They’re light and fluffy, which means they won’t leave you feeling heavy after eating them. And while they’re low carb, they still pack a punch of flavour thanks to the addition of spicy Italian sausage and sharp Cheddar cheese.

Ingredients required for  Low Carb Sausage Biscuits  Recipe:

    3 ounces cream cheese, SOFTENED

   1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

   2 eggs

   2 cups almond flour

  One teaspoon of baking powder

   1/4 teaspoon salt

   1/4 cup heavy cream (scrape the measuring cup out since it is thick, make sure you get ALL of the liquid)

  One tablespoon of melted butter

   1 3/4 cup cooked breakfast sausage

 Toppings: Low Carb Sausage Biscuits 

  1 tablespoons butter, melted

How to prepare Keto Sausage Cheddar Biscuits Recipe:

1     Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

2    Take a bowl and add softened cream cheese, cheddar cheese and beaten eggs and mix it well tills well combined.

3    Then add almond flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt, heavy cream and melted butter and mix it well till well combined.

4    Then fold it into cooked sausage.

5    Let the dough set for 10 to 15 minutes.

6    With the help of a small cookie scoop spoon the biscuits into the greased baking sheet.

7    Press the dough down slightly.

8   Bake it for 10 to 15 minutes or brush it with melted butter.

9   Enjoy the dish!

Nutritional Information for Low-Carb Sausage Biscuits :

YIELD: 23 SERVING SIZE: Nutrition Calculated Per Biscuit Amount per Serving: CALORIES: 139