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Authentic Maharashtrian Thalipeeth Bhajani in 15 Minutes

Thalipeeth Bhajani

 Maharashtrian Thalipeeth Bhajani. Try making this delicious, authentic Maharashtrian Thalipeeth Bhajani in just 15 minutes! Our easy-to-follow recipe will guide you through the process.

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Take your taste buds on a journey to Maharashtra and get ready to be delighted by this easy, vegan-friendly Thalipeeth Bhajani recipe. Using everyday ingredients found in any kitchen, try out this 15-minute delicacy that will surely leave you wanting more.

Ingredients required for Maharashtrian Thalipeeth Bhajani:

  You will need ¾ cup of each chickpea flour (besan) 

  Sorghum flour (jowar), 

  ¼ cup pearl millet flour (bajra)

  2.5 cups of wheat flour 

  2, Teaspoons salt

   2-3 hot green chilli peppers (or to taste), 

  1, Teaspoon carom seeds, 

  And 8, Tablespoons of vegetable oil. 

  Be sure to measure, out all the ingredients correctly for successful and tasty Thalipeeth Bhajani!

Mix the Flour and Add Water:

1  To make the Bhajani mixture, Take all the flours listed above & mix them in a medium bowl. 

2   Once combined, slowly add water in small increments, kneading to combine until you’ve created soft dough. 

3  Do not add too much water as that will result, in a sticky dough. 

4   Cover with a damp cloth and allow the dough to sit for 10 minutes before rolling it into the classical Thalipeeth rounds!

Knead the Dough, Form Pillow Shapes, and Let Sit for 10 Minutes:

1    Take the dough and knead it until it is smooth. 

2   Cover with a damp cloth and let sit for 10 minutes before rolling it into small, round pieces, Called pillow shapes. 

3   The thickness of the Thalipeeth should be uniform and no thicker than 1/2 cm. 

4   After you have formed them into pillow shapes and set them aside, the Thalipeeth are ready to cook!

Preheat a Skillet or Tawa and Toast Pills on Low to Medium Heat for 3-4 Minutes Per Side:

1    Before cooking the Thalipeeth, preheat a cast iron skillet or tawa (cast iron griddle) over low to medium heat for 3-4 minutes.  

2   Place the Thalipeeth in the skillet and toast for about two minutes per side until lightly browned and cooked through. 

3   Flip them occasionally to avoid burning and Cook other pills similarly.

4   Serve hot!

Enjoy Your Homemade Thalipeeth Bhajani:

Now you can enjoy your own homemade Thalipeeth Bhajani in just 15 minutes! Enjoy this easy and delicious Maharashtrian recipe with a side of curd, pickle, and chutney of your choice. This low-calorie dish makes for a perfect breakfast idea or snack to munch on at any time!

Nutritional Information for Thalipeeth Bhajani:

· Total Fat 4.2g. 5%

· Saturated Fat 0.5g. 3%

· Cholesterol 1mg.

· Sodium 12mg. 1%

· Total Carbs 16g. 6%

· Dietary Fiber 16g. 57%

· Total Sugars 5g.

· Protein 10g. 20%