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Stuffed Cream Cheese Chicken Pinwheel Recipes

Stuffed Cream Cheese Chicken

This Stuffed Cream Cheese Chicken Breast recipes fun appetizer is perfect party food and serves as a tasty, quick snack on busy workdays.  Looking for a creative and delicious low-carb lunch idea? Look no further than these Chicken Cream Cheese Pinwheels! These gluten-free pinwheels are made with whipped cream cheese, diced cucumbers, and shredded chicken all wrapped in a low-carb coconut wrap. Perfect as an easy on-the-go lunch option or as a snack, this is the perfect healthy and tasty option for your next meal!

Craving something light and filling for lunch but on a low-carb diet? Look no further than the Low-Carb Chicken Cream Cheese Pinwheel! Made with Chicken & Cream Cheese making up the bulk of its ingredients, this pinwheel is high in protein and healthy fats, While also being low in carbs. With just 4g net carbs per serving, this savoury snack can fill you up without compromising your diet.

Ingredients required for Low-carb Chicken Cream Cheese Pinwheel:

2 serving Great Value Deli Sliced Rotisserie Chicken Breast

 4 oz. Cream Cheese

 1 serving Mezzetta Roasted Bell Peppers (red) 1.5 tbsp. 30 grams (by KC31WA)

 1 serving Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix

 One serving of Green Onion (fresh-1 stalk)

 1 tsp. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt (Evolution Salt Co) (by TAMMAGDALENO)

 2, dash Pepper, black

 2 serving of Bread, Flat-out, Light Original flatbread

How to prepare Low-carb Chicken Cream Cheese Pinwheel:

1    Simply mix softened cream cheese, the packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing & seasoning mix, diced roasted red bell peppers, chopped green onion, salt and pepper. 

2   Once combined, spread onto thinly sliced chicken breast and roll up. Enjoy your delicious meal!

3   Start by spreading a creamy mixture over two Flat Out flatbreads. 

4   Then layer thinly-sliced deli roasted chicken breast, roll the bread and refrigerate for an hour. 

5   Slice each roll into about 10 Pieces, giving you around 20, Pieces in total. Bon appetite!

Nutritional Information for Low-carb Chicken Cream Cheese Pinwheel:

Calories: 171.6

Total Carbohydrate: 10.9 g


Dietary Fiber: 4.6 g

Sodium: 591.9 mg