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Cucumber Keto Smoothie, Easy Keto Green Smoothie

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Cucumber Keto Smoothie, Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you have to avoid having all those yummy juices Keto cucumber smoothie and shakes.

Other than the lime juice, you can enjoy having the refreshing and healthy Keto Green Smoothie to beat the heat.

Keto cucumber smoothie is an excellent combo of spinach and cucumber to enjoy a revitalizing breakfast diet.

It is a great treat for your body, packed with all the good fats and nutrition that you need to charge your brain and jumpstart the day with full enthusiasm.

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Can you eat Cucumber Smoothie on the keto diet?

Yes, sure you can. 

You can also enjoy it before or after a regular gym session. If you’re worried about the taste of liquid spinach in the smoothie, you need not be.

This is because the

Cucumber & Spinach Keto Green Smoothie recipe subdues the taste of spinach as it is only for raising the nutritional value of the recipe. The overall taste that you get is of cucumber.

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Ingredients Required for Cucumber & Spinach Keto Green Smoothie

The Keto cucumber smoothie recipe is a super quick recipe, allowing you to enjoy a healthy drink within a couple of minutes.
All the ingredients that you will require to prepare the yummy ketogenic natural drink are summed up in the following table:

Ingredient Checklist for Keto Cucumber Smoothie

Name of the Ingredient Amount
1.    Coconut Milk 1 cup
2.   Coconut Oil (or any MCT Oil) 1 tablespoon
3.   Cucumber (Peeled & Chopped) 1 cup
4.   (Optional) Flax Seeds (Powdered) 1 tablespoon
5.    Ice Cubes 3 or 4
6.    Mint Leaves (Chopped) 1 tablespoon
7.    Spinach Leaves (Washed & Chopped) 5 or 6
8.    Stevia (or any other Sweetener) 12 drops

Keto Cucumber Smoothie recipe takes only 10 to 15 minutes for preparing a delicious and healthy drink.

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Flax Seeds Powder: Cucumber Keto Smoothie


The flax seeds powder used in this recipe is not an integral part of the recipe, which means you can remove it or use it as per your wish.

It has a nutty flavour, which is not enjoyable but when used with this recipe is dominated by other tasty flavours. The primary reason for putting it in the recipe is its nutritional value.

A single teaspoon of flax seeds powder fulfils your daily Omega 3 requirement. Moreover, it is a very good source of fibre, manganese and Vitamin B1.

MCT Oil: Cucumber Keto Smoothie

Cucumber Keto Smoothie
Keto Cucumber Smoothie

Though skipping MCT oil will lessen the amount of fat you get from the smoothie, it is advised not to as it makes the overall taste really good and rich.

Nonetheless, it’s all up to you whether to add or leave the MCT oil.

How to Prepare Cucumber Keto Smoothie

Keto cucumber smoothie is very easy as well as quick to prepare.

Step-by-step instructions for preparing the scrumptious smoothie are summed up as follows:

1–  Put the spinach leaves into a mixer and blend them.

2–  Add the coconut milk and blend using the mixer.

3–  Now, put the ice cubes in the mixer and blend the mix.

4–  Add coconut oil, flax seeds powder and stevia to the mixer.

5–  Let the ingredients settle down before blending some more.

6–  Add the chopped cucumber to the mix and blend the mixture.

(Note: – If you don’t wish to blend in the cucumber then you can also enjoy it by spreading it over the smoothie.)
7–  Pour the smoothie into a glass.

8–  Garnish the smoothie with mint leaves before serving.

Nutritional Information Keto Smoothie

Complete nutritional information for the Keto Cucumber Smoothie recipe is summarized in the following table:

Nutritional Information for Keto Green Smoothie

Calories 243

Carbohydrates 5.7 gms

Fats 22.9 gms

Proteins 3.3 gms

Total Servings 1

Even though you can enjoy the delicious and refreshing cucumber smoothie any time of the day, it makes up for a great morning starter.

So, what do you think about the keto cucumber smoothie recipe? Is it just good or simply great, please let us know via comments?

Feel free to share your keto cucumber smoothie ideas with our community via the comments section below. We’ll really appreciate it! Eat healthily and stay fit!

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