Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal, Indian Dal Type

 Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal. Moong dal is a by-product of mung beans and yellow dal is prepared after the processing.  It is also referred to as Green Gram. This dal is often used to make curries in India.

Toor dal Indian dal in English

It is widely known as yellow dal or pigeon pea and is popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is an alternative to moong dal and is used as shelled dal to make curries.

Important factors related to moong and toor dal are as follows.


As we know for all types of dal, colour is the main characteristic.  Some dal like Masoor got reddish colour. While in moong dal and Toor dal both got yellow colour.

Preparation method   Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal

Both Toor and Moong dal both prepared in the same way. In India, most of the dal is cooked in a pressure cooker for better consistency. All you need to do is prepare tadka and mix it with dal.

Use of different flavours

Both dals are prepared in similar ways if they are used with tadka. The moong dal and toor dal both have common features. If anyone adds some flavours or spices it will blend with mixtures very well.


In India, there is never a scarcity of any type of dals. Due to significant demand and supply, it is available 24/7 in the country. Moong dal and Toor dal are both significantly used in the country for making sambars and different curries.

 Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal


Moong dal and toor dal both are different in size and shape. A moong dal comes in the form of split and shelled. On the other hand, Toor dal comes are bigger.


The Toor dal and moong dal are both used in making different types of food and dishes.  moong dal halwa is a sweet dish made out of these lentils. On other hand, the toor dal is used to make sambhar or payasam.


The moong dal and Toor dal both have different prices due to their benefits and nutrition. Moong dal tastes better than toor dal. In addition, Moong dal is used widely in all parts of the country. So its prices are more than Toor dal.


Which is healthy Toor Dal or moong dal?

The moong dal is more healthy as compared to Toor dal.

Which dal is the healthiest?

The moong dal is more healthy because it has more nutrition as compared to the toor dal.

Toor dal and moong dal health benefit

It is believed that toor dal helped to keep away bad cholesterol. On the other hand, moong dal is power packed dal that helps give many types of nutrition and is also used in any type of soup preparation.

Moong dal vs toor dal calories

The Calories in each day are different. One bowl of moong dal includes 104 calories and Toor dal includes 1027 calories.

Toor dal vs moong dal gas Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal

As per the Ayurveda, all dals cases blotting and other disorder problems. So it is important to cook and prepare healthily.

Which dal is best for health

As per research, the moong is more healthy because it is easy to digest and includes different types of nutrition.


What’s the difference between Moong Dal and Toor Dal?

There is no such big difference between moong dal and toor dal. The preparation of dals is almost similar. However,  the major difference occurred in nutrition and taste.


A moong dal is also called Green Gram. This moong dal is cultivated in southeast Asia and south Asia. It is used in making different curries and sweet dishes.

Moong dal

WHAT IS TOOR DAL? Difference Between Moong Dal And Toor Dal

It is widely known as pigeon pea. It is commonly used in southeast Asia to prepare different types of sambars and curries.


Toor dal

Does Eating Moong Dal Cause Gas

No, eating moong dal does not cause Gas.


Moong DalToor Dal
Food TypeLentilLentil
OriginIndian SubcontinentIndian Subcontinent
Mostly Used ForDal and Curry PreparationsDal and Curry Preparations
Flavour AbsorptionGoodGood
Protein ContentHighHigh
Storage LifeLong; More Than 1 YearLong; More Than 1 Year
AvailabilityEasily AvailableEasily Available


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