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10+ Indian Keto Dishes, Easy & Quick keto Recipe Ideas

indian Keto Dishes

Indian Keto Dishes, 

Keto Dal Makhani

1    Keto Dal Makhani 


Keto Mulberry Ice Cream

Keto Mulberry Ice Cream


Keto Gobi Paratha


3    Keto Gobi Paratha


Low Carb Chana Masala


Low Carb Chana Masala


Keto Mathri Recipe

Keto Mathri Recipe


Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe


Keto Paneer Mushroom Tikka Recipe









Indian Eggplant Tamarind Recipe

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8    Indian Eggplant Tamarind Recipe



Keto Paneer Jalfrezi

9    Keto Paneer Jalfrezi



Keto Coconut Ladoo

10    Keto Coconut Ladoo Recipe


Cauliflower Upma Keto

11 Keto Cauliflower Upma

Nutritional Information for Keto Cauliflower Upma:

Calories – 274
Net Carbs – 9.2 gms
Protein – 10.8 gms
Fat – 21.6 gms